Strategic Partnerships


Kasturi has collaborated with leading Educational Institutions to provide special bursaries and scholarships for eligible Kasturi students.

Joining Kasturi goes beyond tuition classes… Students can enjoy valued benefits:

  • FREE or Heavily Subsidised workshops
  • Study Skills, Time Management and Exam Techniques
  • Culinary Skills
  • NLP in specific Self Empowerment and Building Confidence
  • Fundamentals of Financial Services
  • Technonprenuership
  • FREE demonstrations and college tours with bus provided
  • FREE Career Counseling during Kasturi Education Fairs
  • Discounted studies, Bursaries, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

Kasturi Parents can also access to workshops on:

  • ‘How to develop and nurture the ‘genius’ in your child/teenager’
  • Culinary Skills
  • Dealing with Difficult Teens

Kasturi’s KEY Partners include:

  1. HELP University, HELP Academy and HELP College of Arts and HELP College of Arts and Technology
  2. BERJAYA University College of Hospitality
  3. SEGI University College
  4. IMI International Management Institute Switzerland
  5. Facon Exhibitions