Interactive learning takes place at a constant rate and I always feel involved in the lessons although the classes are large. The teachers take notice of every student and tries to involve everyone.

Mr Bong’s (Prinsip Perakaunan) teaching methods motivated me to take the accounting subject more seriously as what he teaches goes beyond the textbook and involves knowledge about the actual world of accounting.

My advice to other students is “Always be ready for challenges and try your utmost best at everything you do”

Lye Ming Han

SPM 12A, Wesley Methodist School KL

I have only attended Kasturi seminars right before SPM. But after attending the seminars, I realised that the teaching methods and examination tips were very effective.

It is tough to choose one teacher amongst the few that taught me, I would say that all my teachers inspired me in their own ways. After the seminars, I was more focused and confident to sit for the examination.

Working hard and putting in constant efforts really works.

Ekjoth Singh

SPM 10A, Victoria Institution

The lessons at PTK were very informative and they have helped me a lot in my revision for my exams.

Teacher Simon (Science Teacher) made my learning very interesting and showed us how to memorize facts easily.

My advice to other students, “Achieving excellent results is as easy as eating a pie. Just believe in yourself!”

Evan Kok Yip Ming

PT3 8A, Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Katholik

I enjoyed my tuition life at Kasturi. Because it is located at K, you will get to meet lots of people from different areas, background and so on. I value the Kasturi teachers as they will make sure you understand what you are studying without memorising.

Two teachers inspired me the most. First, Teacher Lingam (Biology & Chemistry) and the other is Teacher Ong (Add Maths). Both of them were my Form 6 tuition teachers in Kasturi. Both of them have similar teaching styles. They would not only teach you theory but they will make sure you know how to apply them into our daily lives. They make me feel that studying is not about but is life changing. I appreciate them so much.

To all my juniors, you have made the right choice by choosing Kasturi. No matter you are in PT3, SPM or STPM candidates, know what your interest is, and don’t study for exams nor purely for results. The most important is to study with a curious heart; and you will find that studying is rather fun and easy. If you don’t understand, please ask Kasturi teachers, they are always willing to help you. Good luck to all of you!!

Ng Song Yin

STPM 4A, SMK Desa Mahkota

Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi has helped me a lot to achieve my good results.
Teacher Murugan inspired me the most. He taught me a lot besides coaching us academically.

Ang Chia Shin

STPM 3A, SMK Alam Megah

All PTK teachers were great and their teaching methods were superb.

Teacher Tan is indeed an inspiring teacher. His knowledge in Physics is excellent, and he taught me that physics is easy if you just believe so. Besides that, his classes were always very interesting with all the class demonstrations.

“Study Smart instead of Study Hard, Friends.”

Yap Shang Ze

SPM 9A, SMK Seri Mutiara

I love PTK since the first day I registered. I hope I had registered earlier!

The teacher whom I want to thank is Mr Fong. His lessons and exercises are short and accurate. His notes helped me to understand Biology at a better level.

My advice to other students is “Always pay attention in your classes, because some tips received during PTK lessons might just hit the jackpot!!!

Vinetha A/P Subramaniam

SPM 10A, SMK (P) Jalan Ipoh

Studying at Kasturi gave me that inspiration to achieve the best scores that I can. Teachers at Kasturi have helped me a lot.

Teacher Freddy inspired me the most, he taught me till I really understood the subject and he has never given up motivating me to get an A in Chemistry.

I would surely recommend Kasturi to my friends.

Nur Hidayah Amni Bt Mohd Jani

SPM 9A, SMK Sultan Abdul Samad PJ

In Kasturi, not only did we learn the subjects in different and easier ways; we also made many friends from different schools

Teacher Freddy inspires me the most, his classes are always full with students. The way he taught Chemistry makes me love the subject very much

My advice to other students is “Nothing can make you success except hardworking”

Cheah Wan Jin

SPM 10A, SMK Convent Jalan Peel

Every class at PTK is a wonderful experience. I love the moments. I am truly inspired by all the lessons. Attending PTK seminars was also a good experience for me. I learnt a lot and it was the best experience for me.

Mr Chua is one of the best teachers at PTK. Mr Chua’s classes are very interesting and he is also very helpful. He often use humour in his lessons and that made me understand better. He would extend his help whenever I had problems learning Mathematics.

To my fellow students, “We should also do our own revision at home besides attending tuition classes. Paying attention in classes helps a lot. Practice past year questions.”

Keerthana A/P Ravee

PT3 – 7A, SMK Sulaiman Bentong

Teachers at Kasturi are really passionate and hardworking. They are always willing to help weak students. They do not seem to get tired teaching us.

Teacher Kamarul gives good tips to students and always do extra classes so that students can achieve excellent results in Pengajian Am.

My advice to other students is “Study Smart and always work hard no matter what”.
I would recommend Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi to my friends.

Farah Suhaila Binti Ahmad Rashdan

STPM 3A, SMK Desa Mahkota

PTK Success Story