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A tuition center driven by purpose

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Our team of fully qualified teachers are of the highest quality, and many of them have more than 10 years of experience.

Mr Chua

Maths Form 1 - Form 3
36 years Teaching Experience

Maths gives us a hope that every problem has a solution

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We are expanding to 4 locations in Klang Valley

We continue our legacy by offering affordable and quality education for all and we are currently working to expand our branches into more location.


Students Testimonials & Success Stories

" Teachers at Kasturi are really passionate and hardworking. They are always willing to help weak students. They do not seem to get tired teaching us. Teacher Kamarul gives good tips to students and always do extra classes so that students can achieve excellent results in Pengajian Am. My advice to other students is “Study Smart and always work hard no matter what”. I would recommend Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi to my friends. "

Farah Suhaila Binti Ahmad Rashdan
Farah Suhaila Binti Ahmad Rashdan

STPM 3A, SMK Desa Mahkota

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is there trial classes for students?

    Yes, students get to go for one-week free trial classes for the subjects they want.

  • What is the teaching platform during online classes?

    Zoom will be used by tutors for online classes

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