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Mr Navin

Maths Form 1 - Form 3
7 years Teaching Experience

The only way to LEARN Maths , is to DO Maths.
"Education is the window to the world"
Mr. Nasri

Geography Form 1, Geography Form 3, Sejarah Form 1 - Form 3, Sejarah Form 4 & Form 5
11 Years Teaching Experience

Lets learn the nature of life in simplest way in the name of Science
Mr Simon Siew

Science Form 1 - Form 3
41 years Teaching Experience

With languages, you're at home anywhere .
Mr Kathiravan

English Form 1 - Form 3, English Form 4 & Form 5
12 years Teaching Experience

Maths gives us a hope that every problem has a solution
Mr Chua

Maths Form 1 - Form 3
36 years Teaching Experience

Education is the key to success
Ms Joys

6 years Teaching Experience

Seorang guru itu adalah orang yang berani mengajar dengan tidak berhenti belajar.
Mr Norhairie

B.Melayu Form 4 & Form 5
19 years Teaching Experience

Jika pengayuh sayang dibasahkan , sampan tidak akan sampai ke seberang.
Ms Rusitah

B.Melayu Form 1 - Form 3
28 years Teaching Experience

No matter Who you are , just bring best of What You Are
Mr Richard

Science Form 4 & Form 5
15 years Teaching Experience

"Here to teach all the techniques of answering BM to score good grades"
Mr. Yogis

Bahasa Melayu Form 4, SPM
15 Years Teaching Experience

Learning never exhausts the mind
Ms Anitha Glory

English Form 1 - Form 3
32 years Teaching Experience

The secret of making progress is getting started.
Mr Kevin

Chemistry Form 4 & Form 5
11 years Teaching Experience

Bahasa kebangsaan menjadi alat yang penting dalam usaha membawa kesejahteraan kehidupan di negara ini
Ms Mahani

B.Melayu Form 4 & Form 5, SPM
30 years Teaching Experience

Great things happen to those who don't stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful. So, never stop learning!
Mr Kanna

Akauns Form 4 & Form 5
13 years Teaching Experience

SKOR A anda dengan mudah !
Ms NorDalilah

B.Melayu Std 5 & Std 6, Sejarah Form 1 - Form 3
18 years Teaching Experience

We cannot escape History, We are not makers of history. We are made by history.
Mr Ssara

Sejarah Form 4 & Form 5
16 years Teaching Experience

Let's make Math fun and pass it with flying colors
Mr Khoo

Maths Form 4 & Form 5
38 years Teaching Experience

A good education is the foundation of better future
Mr Jason

Ekonomi Form 4 & Form 5, Perniagaan Form 4 & Form 5
12 years Teaching Experience

The only way to LEARN Maths , is to DO Maths.
Mr Navin

Maths Form 1 - Form 3
7 years Teaching Experience

"In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn"
Ms. Angelene

Science Std 5 & Std 6, Sejarah Std 5 & Std 6
5 Years Teaching Experience